Earth’s most up-to-date city guide to Florence, Italy.

Florence City Guide - 2024 Edition

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2024 Edition

So, you’re headed to Florence. Lucky, you!

Planning a trip to Italy can be totally overwhelming, and we’re here to change that.

Gigi Guides are city guides that deliver you insider intel for staying, eating and doing. Plus, you get real-time updates, meaning you spend less time doing research before you go, and find the most timely and interesting things while you’re there.

We curate all the things you should know, and you’ll find it all in one place.

Written by people who live in Italy.

Spend less energy googling, and more time exploring Florence’s best-kept secrets.

Florence is one of the world's most famous cities. If you’ve never been there before, it can be an overwhelming place to figure out.

We’re here to change that for people who want to invest in personal recommendations, in-the-know info, and local secrets that will transform a get-swept-up-in-the-cruise-ship-traffic experience to an I’ve-got-the-inside-scoop experience.

An up-to-date insider guide to Florence that most people don’t have? , please!

The Florence City Guide is a cheat sheet that gives you the straight talk on exactly where to stay and eat (and where not to), how to get around, and what to do. With over two hours of detailed audio content and ready-to-implement downloadable guides, we’ve curated all the things you should know, all in one place.

As a bonus, the city guides are constantly updated, so you’ll know that a hot new restaurant opened up in the Centro Storico this month, or that there’s an outdoor summer festival — we’ll tell you about it. 

What makes this guide better than free blogs or paper guidebooks? Great question.

Each year we host hundreds of clients in Italy via group tours, so we have a unique understanding of the problems travelers face, and the key mistakes they make. Also, half of our team lives in Italy, so we are on the ground there in real time, year-round.

You decided to take a vacation. Now, it’s time to decide whether you wanna do it the hard way, or the easy-peasy limoncino-squeezy way.

We love Firenze, and this city guide is the most comprehensive ever available for this region. You won’t find information this all-encompassing all in one place anywhere else — not in paper guidebooks, on blogs, or on Trip Advisor threads.

Don’t miss out on the classic highlights and the newest stuff.

Would you rather trust piecemeal intel you’ve found on late-night Google searches, or tried-and-true advice from people who actually live here?

Florence offers so much and we would love to share its magic with you. Get the scoop on everything you could possibly want to know, fitting any budget.

Get it all. Instantly.

1 Renaissance city. 1 city guide. Countless hours saved.

Get next-level travel insight and Florence-specific intel all in one guide for less than the price of a dinner in Italy.

Get instant access to e-books and audio.

1. What to do, see & get.

2. Which neighborhood to stay in, and why.

3. Where to eat, drink and be merry.

4. Recommendations for accommodation on any budget.

5. How to get around via car or train.

6. Secret tips & tricks the locals know and that you should know too.

7. Suggested itineraries for a perfect day, including trips to lesser-known towns nearby.

Want more? Good! You’ll also get an exclusive bonus chapter, What To Know Before You Go, so you can...

Map out your entire Italy itinerary with ease.

Pack your suitcase or carry-on efficiently — detailed packing lists for all scenarios.

Know how to pay, tip and avoid fees when using cards in Italy.

Navigate unpredictable trains, tickets, rental car driving and parking — all specific to Italy.

Want a money-back guarantee? You get that too.

This is a digital product, and you’ll have access within 5 minutes of ordering. All content is hosted online; access via your phone, laptop or tablet. Download for easy offline use on your travels.

You’ll get 8 detailed e-books and over 2 hours of audio files, chock-full of our insider intel specifically for the Cinque Terre.

You’ll also receive 6 bonus e-books and over 1 hour of audio content to help you strategically plan your Italy vacation.

Going to Rome, Florence and Venice, too? You need the City Guides Bundle.

With the Gigi Guides Florence edition, imagine:

Enjoying the breeze and pretty views under the umbrella at our favorite out-of-the-way cafe, while the throngs try to beat the heat on the main street.

Having your train tickets pre-purchased and ready to use, instead of sweltering in the never-ending lineup at the station.

Getting the best, up-to-date advice from people who actually LIVE in Florence..

Feeling confident you’ve planned a proper Italy itinerary that’s season-appropriate.

Dining at the best under-the-radar spots.

Having access to your Gigi Guide 24/7, with everything online or downloaded for offline use.

Not stressing about the “busyness” of Florence in high season, because you’re armed with insider details on when and where to go, along with plans in quieter surrounding areas.

Knowing how much you can expect to spend, and how to best spend it.

Ordering a proper Italian meal with confidence, just like a local.

Knowing the lowdown on unpredictable Italian trains (before you buy).

Hassle-free car rentals (and reasons to never rent).

No paper guidebooks weighing down your luggage — just read it on your phone.

Best of all: not winging it like everyone else.

A decade of gathering knowledge and insider intel from 25 experts means you won’t feel clueless for a second, even before you get here.

Fun fact: Our tours cost upwards of $8000, and for a fraction of that we give you the tools and know-how to craft an incredible trip of your own. You’ll already know way more than the thousands of people booking their trips to Italy, because you want to make your trip extraordinary.

Instant access to Florence travel solutions are just 1 click away.

Make the most of your most valuable asset — your free time.

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