Earth’s most up-to-date city guide to Rome, Italy.

Rome City Guide - 2024 Edition

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We’ve invested hundreds of hours updating this 2024 edition. 

Spend less energy Googling, and more time exploring Rome's best-kept secrets.

Rome is always crazy popular, but most travelers are flocking to the same spots everyone else is.

We’re here to change that for people who want to invest in personal recommendations, in-the-know info, and local secrets that will transform a get-swept-up-in-the-cruise-ship-traffic experience to an I’ve-got-the-inside-scoop experience.

An up-to-date insider guide to Rome that most people don’t have? , please!

The Rome City Guide is a cheat code that gives you the straight talk on exactly where to stay and eat (and where not to), how to get around, and what to do. 

What makes this guide better than free blogs or paper guidebooks? Great question.

Each year we host hundreds of clients in Italy via group tours, so we have a unique understanding of the problems travelers face, and the key mistakes they make.

You decided to take a vacation. Now, it’s time to decide whether you wanna do it the hard way, or the easy-peasy limoncino-squeezy way.

We love Roma, and this city guide is a comprehensive overview for a traveler. You won’t find information this all-encompassing all in one place anywhere else — not in paper guidebooks, on blogs, or on Trip Advisor threads.

Don’t miss out on the classic highlights and the newest stuff.

Would you rather trust piecemeal intel you’ve found online, or tried-and-true advice from people who actually live here?

Get it all. Instantly.

1 Eternal city. 1 guide. Countless hours saved.

How to Plan Your Trip

• Architect Your Trip

• Sample Itineraries

• Dining & Drinking

• Logistics (Trains, Flights)

• Rent a Car or Driver

• and more

All City Guides Include.


Pre-loaded Maps With All Suggestions.

Places to Stay:

Top Picks for Value, 5-Star Category, Cheap & Cheerful & more.

Places to Eat:

Traditions, Fancy Restaurants, Casual Spots, Street Foods, Rooftop Aperitivo.

Things to Do: 

Top Iconic Sights, History, Culture, Fun & Adventure, Shopping, Nightlife.

How to Get Around:

Arriving From the Airport, Bikes, Scooters, Trains, Trams, Buses & more.

Sample Itineraries:

What To Do in 1, 2 or 3 Days

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